Bates Motel / Psycho

Working on some fan art of Bates Motel / Psycho. I saw the original location at Universal Studios as a kid, and when I saw the series now I wanted to create the mansion. I have used references from both the psycho location and the Bates Motel-series location. I took some screenshots from the series as well. The geometry is mostly done. Some tweaking here and there still needed. I am starting on material creation and composition next.


Old rusty fan WIP

CGtrader got this architectural details contests so I thought I would make a few old, worn models. First WIP almost done. Just need to tweak geometry and shaders some.


Quick tip – Normal Map: Making it stronger with Photoshop

In your pipeline you want to have something like Xnormal or nDo already running,  but for those times when you just want to quickly go in and make a normal map stronger this could be excatly what you need.

These are the few steps you need to take:

1 – duplicate your normal map twice (copy 1 and copy 2 in the image)

2 – open the advanced blending options by double clicking your layer (click to the right of the name “copy 1” so you don’t enter re-name mode).







3 – on the first layer (marked copy 1) turn of the red and green channels and set the blend mode to multiplyLayers_02

4 – on the second layer (marked copy 2) turn on the red and green channels and turn of the blue channel. Set the blend mode to overlay.


And that’s all there is to it. If you want to make it even stronger, just group and create another set of the two layers you just created on top of everything.