3DS max and V-ray speed modeling Excersise

Small project to exercise speed and finishing up quicker without always overthinking.




UE4 WIP – Swamp House

Currently creating a swamp scene in unreal engine 4. My main focus with the scene is getting better understanding of lighting in UE4 and the post-process volume, but I am also trying to create some sort of story by using some simple props. Currently need to finish up a few models I need in the scene, then go back and unwrap and texture parts of the cabin and the pathway that are currently just thrown together to get a sense of the scene.


Spaceship Wip

Been playing around with some texturing in substance painter today. Mostly to get properly familiar with the software. Enjoying it so far. In a week or so I will do another and final pass on the spaceship.



Spaceship WIP

Working on some different new pieces for an updated portfolio. This is one piece I am working on.



Bates Motel – Done

Finished the Bates Motel image. Not totally satisfied with the post work, so I might re-do the shot again at some point later.



Bates Motel / Psycho – almost done

Started to set up composition for the piece. When I get satisfied with that I will finalize shaders and a couple of small things I still need to model, and then head on into post-process.

Fun fun.




Bates Motel / Psycho

Working on some fan art of Bates Motel / Psycho. I saw the original location at Universal Studios as a kid, and when I saw the series now I wanted to create the mansion. I have used references from both the psycho location and the Bates Motel-series location. I took some screenshots from the series as well. The geometry is mostly done. Some tweaking here and there still needed. I am starting on material creation and composition next.


Basement Shower



Back to Christine

Picked up this car again and started to create a scene to future her in. Going to add some dusty, rusty old models to the scene, then create lights and materials for the overall scene.




Reset Xform and Collapse to edible poly

I felt I was using reset xform and collapsing too much, so I made a very, very simple script to make this a one click button. All you need to do is open a new script and add this in.

macroScript Macro4
modPanel.addModToSelection (XForm ()) ui:on
macros.run “Modifier Stack” “Convert_to_Poly”


Then select all of this script from within the script editor and drag and drop it to a toolbar you have created. And that’s all. Don’t worry about saving your script, it’s all stored in the button, so you can just close out your script editor.

If this was useful to you, but you are getting problems with it, let me know in the comments and Ill assist. This code was done in Max 2016.